Lamborghini Urus Evo spied playing in the snow

The Lamborghini Urus seems due for a well-deserved mid-cycle refresh. If we make use of Lamborghini’s latest naming conventions, it’s likely that the Urus will certainly gain the name “Urus Evo” with the upgrade.

These spy shots offer us a fairly clear image of what we need to get out of the upgraded Urus from a style point of view. The modifications are moderate at best, as Lamborghini is maintaining what’s functioned so well for the past couple of years. In case you missed it, the Urus is by far Lamborghini’s very successful design now, and also it’s to give thanks to for the Italian company’s record-setting 2021 sales figures.

We’ll note that this winter season weather condition Urus tester is using a somewhat rubbed front bumper with included vents. The adding of vents continues the changed hood layout that features a pair of vents unseen formerly. Various other noteworthy updates come toward the rear of the Urus. We spy a new back bumper style that takes a various approach on the combination of the rear fender vents. Those vents near the wheel arch are currently far bigger and extra obvious than they are in the present Urus.

Which’s about it wherefore we can see on the exterior of this Urus. We wagered that the most essential updates will can be found in the form of an indoor updated with newer tech. Plus, there’s the chance that we get even more power out of a Urus Evo. We don’t believe it’ll be a massive gain in output, however any kind of activity in the favorable direction will be welcome. A massively extra powerful Urus with a crossbreed powertrain that borrows from Porsche’s PHEV technology need to follow at a later date.