Car Name
Lotus Evora GX
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
440 hp
Top speed
180 mph

The Lotus Evora GX is a race-car model of the sports coupe that has been customized only for the rigours of Grand-Am racing competition. Among the illustrious new features of the Evora GX include carbon fibre doors, a roof and engine cover, plexiglass windows, and tinted headlights.

Lotus Evora GX also has with a new race-spec aero kit, a series-required rear wing, and a new set of wider wheels wrapped in Continental racing tires. Evora GX has no traction control and ABS, which makes racing in it all the more provocative for the driver. At the very least, though, these guys can rely on the car’s 440-horsepower 4.0-litre V6 engine and its Xtrac sequential transmission to make the drive that much more absorbing.

Lotus Racing designers have been sharpening the Lotus Evora GX to satisfy the requirements of the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. With the Lotus Evora GX, the driving experience is even purer, and the strong body kit is even stronger. McMahon Raceworks has placed a request for their Lotus Evora GX, and the company led by David McMahon with Armando Trentini as lead driver and consultant will enrol the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. At 1,150kg, it shifts the scales at just 10kg above the weight of the GTC model.

With a unique front splitter and front bumper, and the conventional Rolex Series rear wing which, along with the car's wide wheels and flared arches, give it very mean attitude. To satisfy other series specifications, ABS and traction control have been eliminated, putting more importance on driver skill. There's also an innovative fuel filler system, Continental tyres, and yellow headlamps in order to tick all the race series specific boxes. The 4-litre V6 delivers 440bhp and 440Nm of torque, connected to an XTRAC six-speed sequential paddle-shift transmission.

The Lotus Evora GX is valued at $335,000.

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