Max Biaggi Just Broke His Own Record By Taking This Electric Motorcycle To 283 MPH

The Voxan Wattman is a potent package, and Max just smoked his old record by 30 miles per hour.

Over a 6 day period in late November the Voxan Wattman bike with Max Biaggi onboard collection a collection of nineteen new FIM rate records for electric motorcycles. The most prominent of those new documents, establishing the outright fastest flying kilometer for any type of electrical two wheeler, was set with the bike in ‘partly streamlined electric motorcycle under 300 kg’ setting. By running the bike either with its fairings or without, and also with its ballast and without, the team managed to compete records in four different courses. The trip, then, was a success.

Apparently there’s even more in the bike, nonetheless, as the onboard GPS videotaped a remarkable 290 miles per hour top for the run. The two-way standard for the bike to set a document, nonetheless, was a bit reduced at 283.182 mph. If the weather condition is perfect, or they handled to remove a little more power from the electrical motors, this could be a three-hundred mile per hour motorbike!

Perhaps one of the most incredible figure to me is that the bike handled to run 228 miles per hr in the flying mile without the bike’s wind resistant fairing. It’s rather crazy that the fairing is only worth 60 miles per hour at V-max, however I simply can not envision riding a motorbike at 228 miles per hr with no wind security.