Meet Lia Block, Ken Block’s 14-Year-Old Daughter And New Star of Hoonicorn Vs. The World

Lia Block isn’t daunted by a 1,400-horsepower Mustang. This is only her beginning.

The Hoonicorn Mustang trembles underneath Lia Block as she rests at the line, awaiting the signal to introduce off the start and also beat NHRA vehicle driver Alex Laughlin to the surface. The engine she’s managing makes 100 horsepower for each year she’s been alive, but 14-year-old Lia Block is more all set for this moment than the majority of expert vehicle drivers. Don’t bother the truth that her competition is a 4,000-horsepower C6 Corvette. She’s below to win.

” It really did not hit me initially,” Lia claimed of her success against Laughlin in a current meeting with Jalopnik– however she was still smiling at the memory. “It felt so excellent.”

If you intended to grow up a racer, you would certainly be in a pretty damn great setting if you were Lia Block. Her father, Ken, is a specialist rally chauffeur, an extreme action sports lover, as well as probably among the much more revered names in the motorsport world.

Currently, Ken is priming the future generation by handing the guiding wheel to his teenage daughter, who will certainly be the one putting performance vehicles to the examination in Hoonigan’s second period of Hoonicorn vs. the Globe, available on YouTube.

In the chat with Jalopnik, Ken revealed that Lia has actually been behind the wheel because she was five, though that was the wheel of a tailored electric Mustang created for kids.

” It had this handbrake that she would use, and she was simply a natural, finding out guiding through opposite lock,” Ken claimed.

Lia signed up with the Lucas Off-Road Competing Series when she was 11, scoring podiums. And also after a year off, she took up karting, which Lia says has actually been the most valuable racing education and learning she’s had yet.

” I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t begin karting,” she claimed. “Karting is such a terrific ground base because it showed me a lot about lines as well as regarding competition and getting better.”

Placing her behind the wheel of the Hoonicorn was a calculated action. Ken Block knew he had not been sticking with Ford, which meant that he truly should not be driving a Ford Mustang in a preferred video clip collection. But Hoonicorn vs. the Globe is Hoonigan’s most prominent series, so it was crucial that it continue.

Hoonigan considered various other expert vehicle drivers as well as racers to take Ken’s place, however Block claimed that Lia had shown herself qualified, and when he approached her about it two months prior to filming, she was interested.

” We had a cutoff day for if she didn’t show herself or really did not feel comfortable,” Block claimed, looking at his daughter. “But it’s not like we were going to throw her therein.”

The prep work were twofold: Hoonigan concentrated on the auto while Lia focused on her skills. This year, the Hoonicorn had actually been equipped with extra fire protection, roll bars, as well as safety and security gear to provide an included layer of assurance for Lia.

” I know how unsafe this can be,” Ken said of racing. “I wished to make it to ensure that if something took place, she remained in the best possible place she could be.”

At the same time, Lia was taking instruction from professional drag racers like Leah Pruett, Donk Master, Hank Iroz, and Sage Thomas. Pruett, she said, assisted her with the psychological side of things. Donk Master showed her the art of trash talk as well as racing terminology.

Even Ken, though, was shocked to discover some lessons along the road. Of Pruett, he said, “There are mornings when she claimed she wakes up, uses the restroom, brushes her teeth, has a coffee, and also exercise with a light tree, simply once. It’s just staying in that mindset, being ready whatsoever times.”

But for Lia, she felt one of the most tough part of her motorsport initiation was actually supporting the wheel of the Hoonicorn itself.

” She would certainly driven a 1,500 horsepower Audi before, but it had, you recognize, a/c as well as natural leather seats,” Ken stated, chuckling.

Of the Hoonicorn, Lia included, “It was simply me as well as 1,400 horsepower. That was it.”

” I envision it’s probably gotten a little much easier for you since that very first time,” Jalopnik stated.

” Oh yes,” Lia chuckled. “It’s like night and day. I resemble an entire various individual currently.”

For 14-year-old Lia, this is just the beginning of what she wishes will certainly be a lengthy career. She has the interest and also the skill, and she likewise has her daddy by her side to motivate her for as long as she takes pleasure in the competitors.

” Part of that is helping her go through the process of what she wants to do,” Ken claimed of his role in Lia’s future racing job, and she really enjoyed racing the Oregon Route Rally, though the engine blew up on her. But she would certainly have been a podium surface in a nationwide rally class had she ended up that rally. She wants to keep selecting that, so we have her mama’s vehicle, a Carnival R2–“.

Right here, Lia disrupted to include, “Turbo.”.

” Yeah, a Feast R2 Turbo,” Ken claimed, laughing. “She’s going to race it following year in the complete championship, so we’re dealing with the plans as well as allocate that following year.

” As well as obviously, if [Hoonicorn vs. the World] achieves success as well as she wishes to do period three, after that she’ll do period three next year. She’ll probably maintain karting and doing whatever various other possibilities show up.”.

As for Lia? She has her eye on the future prize.

” I ‘d like to complete in a [Globe Rally Champion] event,” she stated. “As well as I intend to race the Baja 1000 as well. I watched my daddy do it this year, and I resembled, ‘I want to do that!'”.

I believe it’s secure to say we’re going to be enjoying the Block family members continue to kick ass and take names for several years ahead.