Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 4Matic 2021 review

Electric version of the GLB crossover takes on the BMW iX3 with a 255-mile range and seven seats

Mercedes-Benz isn’t spending time when it pertains to launching electric designs. Actually, the brand-new EQB is the fifth from its EQ electrical vehicle off-shoot, following on from the EQC, EQA, EQV and also EQS– all within the past two years.

As its appearance recommends, it is based heavily on the GLB. And much like its internal-combustion-engined sibling, the brand-new SUV offers the selection of five seats as conventional or seven seats as a choice– an element Mercedes-Benz is relying on to give it with larger sales allure than its essential premium brand rivals, the Audi Q4 E-tron as well as BMW iX3.

The EQB and GLB share the MFA (Modular Front Architecture) system used across Mercedes-Benz’s portable automobile line-up. It has actually been changed in a number of areas to accommodate the EQB’s dual electric motor driveline, a lithium ion battery and associated power electronics– all of which are installed reduced within the high-strength steel as well as aluminium framework to provide it a low center of gravity.

The adjustments likewise extend to the outer body, albeit on a really subtle range. To help give some minor aesthetic distinction between the EQB and also the GLB, Mercedes-Benz has actually given its most recent EQ-badged model a blanked-off grille, a gently remodelled front bumper, EQ badges within the front wings and also tailgate, full-width tail-lights as well as a modified back bumper without the indispensable tailpipes of its fuel- as well as diesel-engined brother or sisters.

Authorities recommend the rules of aerodynamics played an essential role in the development of the brand-new model, yet drag-inducing aspects such as the roofing system barriers and elevated trip height remain. In spite of this, the enhancement of boosted sealing within the front end as well as level panelling within the underbody enable the EQB to equate to the drag co-efficient of the ostensibly much more shapely Audi Q4 E-tron quattro at 0.28.

In the meantime, there are two EQB designs. Mirroring the layout of the larger EQC, they feature an asynchronous electric motor in advance and a simultaneous system at the rear for four-wheel drive capability. They additionally obtain a lithium ion battery that runs at 420V and also has a small capacity of 190Ah, offering the new Mercedes-Benz design functional electric power storage of 66.5 kWh.

The price-leading EQB 300 4Matic delivers a consolidated 225bhp as well as 280lb ft of torque. It is the extra powerful EQB 350 4Matic that we’re in right here, though. It supplies 288bhp as well as 383lb feet of torque for an asserted 0-62mph of 6.2 sec and also a controlled 100mph full throttle.

Inside, the dashboard design and its switchgear are carefully related to the GLB’s. The only apparent adjustment is the inclusion of model-specific digital instruments and brand-new energy usage as well as power flow features for the infotainment system, which runs using the same-generation MBUX system located in all of Mercedes-Benz’s existing small vehicle line-up.

It is all suitably premium in feel and also the product mix is agreeable, with soft-touch plastics as well as galvanized trim elements throughout.

Accommodation is also on the same level with the GLB. This indicates room for five in two rows of seats and up to 495 litres of boot space, or 7 in three rows.

It needs a bargain of dexterity to string your method around the 2nd row of seating prior to you reach the rearmost seats. However they do provide a practical, if not charitable, quantity of area.

The 2nd row can be moved fore and aft by 140mm, so you can alter the back leg space at the expense of lots capacity. With the 2nd and also 3rd seat rows stowed away, you get up to 1710 litres of boot space– 220 litres more asserted by Audi for the Q4 E-tron quattro. No lack of versatility, then.

The drivetrain is configured to favour the rear electrical motor at lower speeds around town, where it runs mostly in rear-wheel drive setting for added efficiency. The front electric motor is introduced throughout periods of solid acceleration and also at greater speeds, providing it four-wheel drive ability when it requires it most.

There are three driving modes as well as a private setup that permits you to customize the attributes of the driveline, steering and also damping to your specific preference.

In Eco as well as Convenience, the throttle response is rather unwinded as well as the speed limited to 80mph before the engagement of kickdown, providing smooth, quiet and also tranquil driving high qualities that are likely to fit most prospective purchasers. The total equilibrium between performance and also improvement right here is quite attractive.

In Sport, the response is significantly sharper. There is no additional power, yet the calibration of the throttle is such that the first tip-in evokes even more urgent velocity. So configured, the step-off efficiency is fairly strong, granting the extra effective of both EQB designs with engagingly nippy qualities around town. On even more open roadways, progression is quick without ever feelingly luridly hostile like in some electric-powered rivals when pressed hard.

An energy recuperation feature permits you to change the quantity of kinetic electrical energy collected on a tracking throttle by means of paddles mounted on the guiding wheel that offer 3 defined settings in addition to so-called ‘circumstance optimised recovery’, which is available in mix with the Eco driving setting. In the highest setting, D-, the braking pressure is fairly solid, permitting one-pedal driving in lots of situations.

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The EQB 350 4Matic’s battery is smaller sized than that supplied by its competitors, at 66.5 kWh versus the 76.6 kWh of the Q4 E-tron quattro and also 74.0 kWh of the iX3. This is mirrored in the main WLTP variety of the new Mercedes-Benz version, which at 255 miles is 54 less than that asserted by the Audi as well as 30 miles less than the BMW, regardless of typical consumption of 3.8 mpkW.

Despite the added weight prompted by the battery, the EQB 350 4Matic takes care of to serve up characteristic Mercedes-Benz-like dynamic qualities and also lots of convenience because of its long-travel suspension and, on our examination auto, optional variable damping control. They integrate to supply it with impressive body control as well as excellent seclusion of road shock.

There’s likewise lots of grasp and strong grip thanks to the basic 4Matic four-wheel drive system.

The guiding deserves note, as well– guide off centre, well weighted in each of the driving modes and also with a respectable quantity of feedback. Oddly, though, you do have a tendency to obtain a touch of torque steer when you unleash the combined reserves of both electrical motors from standstill

With charging times such an important part of the electrical cars and truck experience, the EQB’s 100kW maximum fee price might appear rather frustrating beside its opponents, nearly all of which use greater billing prices and faster charging times. Mercedes-Benz declares a complete charge takes just 32 mins on a high-powered DC system. You’ll need significant much more patience on an 11kW a/c system, though, which occupies to five hrs and 45 mins to deliver a full fee.

The EQB is a deserving rival to the likes of the Q4 E-tron and iX3 in numerous vital areas, bringing the general convenience of its combustion-engined sibling along with favorably punchy efficiency and also the type of kicked back as well as comfy driving traits that will certainly appeal to a wide range of purchasers.

You’ll require simple access to a battery charger, though, because its array and charging power capacity are both behind the fast-improving course requirements. It additionally won’t be cheap. Main rates is yet to be revealed, yet if the EQA is any guide, anticipate to pay a ₤ 10,000 costs over similarly defined GLB designs, with the EQB 350 4Matic driven right here most likely to cost around ₤ 55,000 when UK shipments get underway in the spring.