Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Despite Mercedes’ renowned SL line now being more than six decades old, the current design, brand new in 2014, is a very worthy extension of the reputable line. It fully respects the heritage of the firm’s GT series, maintaining the tradition of uncomplicated waft with reasonably subtle aesthetic influence.

The recipe is traditional as well as simple: two seats, folding metal hard-top, front– engined and also rear-wheel drive. The large news for this version is that it’s brand new, as well as flaunts an aluminium-intensive construction, alike lighter weight and also more efficient engines. Although there’s usually extra set, the 306bhp, V6 SL 350 takes care of a generational weight reduction of 140kg. Which implies the brand-new SL is both faster and much more reliable than the car it replaces.

Styling-wise, it’s even more evolution than revolution: it’s still handsome and also muscular, without being caricature, though the brand-new headlights have actually created some furrowed eyebrows. Expect the shock of the brand-new to discolor with time.

” An additional fantastic model of the traditional Mercedes – but the charm of the looks will certainly take time …”.