My Car Ran Dangerously Low On Oil But Test Results Indicate That I Got Away With Murder

Earlier test results showed elevated levels of metal in my oil. This concerned me. Deeply.

I stressed it was doomed. My coworker Bradley Brownell had called me from the roadside telling me my “Holy Grail” 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee had a large oil leakage, and that he had been trying to restore the engine as quickly as he could. Yet inline-six had actually run low, Brad was in the middle of nowhere, and he had no oil available. I advised him to limp the Jeep to the closest community– a phone call that I fretted had wrecked my Jeep.

After Bradley had actually completed his trip from his home town of Reno– where he had acquired the rare, base-model manual transmission Jeep Grand Cherokee on my behalf– to my place in Michigan, I took the pipeline installation that he would certainly made use of to connect the leakage out of the engine. In its area, I threaded in a new oil pressure sending out device, and afterwards I conducted an oil modification, sending a sample of the utilized motor oil to Blackstone Labs.

Blackstone’s record worried me, due to the fact that despite Bradley having actually poured in a minimum of 18 quarts of makeup oil, the oil that I had actually drained returned with raised degrees of Iron.

I sent this report to Dr. Andy Randolph, the technological supervisor at ECR Engines– a NASCAR engine programmer based in Welcome, North Carolina– and someone with lots of sector engine development experience. Given the good compression analyses I had actually uncovered using my compression tester, and provided the excellent oil pressure the engine was making (and also the absence of bearing product located in the oil sample), we concluded that the most significant concern was the camshaft.

” [The excellent compression] claims it isn’t the birthed. You’ve obtained oil pressure, so [the bearings are possibly great] … all you got left is the cam-lifter user interface,” he told me. “It’s either that or nothing.”

Had running the engine low on oil worn down the web cam’s safety outer solidity layer? Were those bits of camshaft that Blackstone had found in the oil?

To find out, Randolph suggested I send out one more sample to Blackstone after a couple of thousand miles. If the camera’s solidity layer has actually been endangered, then cam wear will not only continue to be high, yet it will certainly increase, and I’ll see also higher degrees of iron in the oil.

I took Randolph’s advice and also sent an example after 3,000 miles. The results simply returned

“Iron looks far better in this sample,” the remarks begin. Not only that, all impurities check out second-rate for a 4.0-liter Jeep engine that has run 3,000 miles.

That’s fantastic news! My camshaft isn’t doomed! In fact, it looks like my engine is downright healthy and balanced! It makes fantastic compression as well as solid oil pressure, and also it isn’t wearing down quicker than it should. My precious Holy Grail Jeep Grand Cherokee’s 126,000 mile engine is possibly only midway with its life!

As for where that iron in the previous example came from? I’m not totally sure. Maybe it was an item of the car not having been driven a long distance in quite some time? A sitting engine can shed several of its cyndrical tube lubrication, and that can cause raised wear? That understands. Or possibly it was associated with the oil geyser; in any case, it doesn’t show up to have been a big deal.

The report wasn’t excellent, however, with Blackstone writing: “We did discover quite a bit of fuel in the oil this time, though … gas is high sufficient to show a possible gas system concern.” This isn’t a big surprise, as I have observed a slight stumble at still. I’ll run some gas injector cleaner via the fuel system, though I wager the real issue is a poor sensor somewhere. The large exhaust leak in the manifold could likewise be shaking off my O2 sensing unit’s reading, causing my engine to send out way too much gas to the system. All the same, I’ll get it solved.

Prior to I conclude this short article, I have an arbitrary inquiry for you, my dear viewers: What do you think of me painting the lower part of my front and back bumpers red?

By doing this the red at the bottom parts of the doors/rocker panels continues on to the bumpers. It would certainly lose me originality factors when I reveal this Jeep at the Concours d’Elegance, yet I type of dig it? Anyhow, it’s simply a random idea …