New Top Gear: Ginetta, DeLorean and the Aston Martin Victor

Fred learns to race, Chris investigates the DeLorean and Paddy takes on Aston’s wild Victor

Aston Martin Victor
Paddy gets to grasps with the extremely very costly, only-one-ever-built Victor, Aston’s Vulcan-based masterpiece. The Vulcan’s owner reaches grasps with a really rigid drink.

Ginetta G56 GTA
Freddie Flintoff: he’s been a cricketer, a boxer, he’s tackled music theatre. And now it’s his most distressing challenge yet: ending up being a bona fide racing vehicle driver. Can Fred get his race permit in time to partner with Chris for a top-tier endurance race?

Chris Harris celebrates the fortieth wedding anniversary of Doc Brown’s company car by delving right into the phenomenal back-story of the DMC DeLorean: a stranger-than-fiction story of FBI stings, cover girls, medicine offers and also time traveling …

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