Nissan Qashqai 2021 long-term review

Is this still the family car rival manufacturers have to beat?

Life with a Nissan Qashqai: Month 1
Welcoming the Qashqai to the fleet – 10 November 2021

I’m not generally one for calling automobiles, but I have actually decided to call our brand-new Nissan Qashqai Ed. As in Sheeran. You see, I reckon the scruffy-haired singer-songwriter and Nissan’s family members SUV have rather a great deal alike.

For starters, they’re both among Britain’s largest exports, achieving sensational global popularity. As well as they have actually both made use of similar strategies to achieve that success. Ed Sheeran basically nicked aspects from a handful of categories and also repackaged them into a music form that seemed fairly fresh however was actually determinedly traditional and laser-focused to achieve mass-market musical dominance.

Similarly, the Qashqai took edgy components from four-wheel-drive off-roaders (primarily the high-riding setting and rugged styling signs) as well as appropriated them into a vehicle form that seemed quite fresh however was actually determinedly mainstream and also laser-focused to attain mass-market motoring domination. It’s the same trick in 2 various roles: make a populist mainstream product seem like it’s still a bit radical.

And now both Sheeran and the Qashqai face an obstacle: exactly how do you maintain a semblance of edgy great once you’ve become so successful that you go to the centre of the mainstream mass market as well as have a raft of identikit competitors trying to swipe your sales with their very own twist on your formula?

With this third generation, the Qashqai is entering its sell-out arena tour phase– and that brings stress to maintain supplying the tried and tested hits while additionally keeping the item fresh.

Allow’s face it: while this Qashqai is an entirely new model, it already looks extremely familiar. That’s partially because I have actually already seen loads when driving, mere months after it was first introduced, but additionally because it’s still recognisably a Qashqai.

That’s not to say Nissan hasn’t place effort right into the outside design: compared with the previous design, the developments are clear to place; park it beside an original Qashqai and the progression is amazing. The sharp folds as well as lines maintain the Qashqai according to the most up to date Nissan Juke and also offer it a bit of an edge without really transforming the theme. It’s not as radical as Nissan’s Ariya EV, but it’s enough to not really feel entirely middle-of-the-road bland.

Yet just like the first single off a new Ed Sheeran album commonly has a little edge compared to the rest of the tracks, the exterior of the Qashqai is far more distinct than the inside. In fact, I struggle to keep in mind an additional vehicle where the separate between bold exterior and absolutely standard inside is so plain.

That’s not to state the inside isn’t really positive, comfortable, large and well set out: it’s every one of those points. It’s simply a little … plain. It’s standard and also a little bit shabby, with a surface that’s completely fine however not phenomenal. However that plays to the Qashqai’s allure: it has every little thing you would certainly need from a family members auto. It really feels luxurious sufficient to have a little premium shine however isn’t so opulent that you would certainly hesitate to allow the children go a bit wild in the back. You will fit in there for nearly any journey, however it won’t leave you with exciting memories.

The Qashqai array starts with the entry-level Visia cut at ₤ 23,985, yet we’ve chosen the higher-level Tekna, which comes in at ₤ 31,565 (Ed the Qashqai’s clever metallic blue paint with a two-tone black roofing system adds ₤ 1145 to that cost).

The extra invest internet the kind of extensive kit listing that need to appeal to family SUV buyers, including a 12.3 in touchscreen, a head-up display screen, an electronic dash, added USB ports, 19in tires as well as a raft of added driver aid systems as well as sensing units. There’s an electrical boot door and also the spacious luggage area has really useful flooring panels that make that space much more usable.

Truly, it uses every little thing you need in a perfectly wonderful, functional package. Having actually just switched over out of a Volkswagen Golf GTI with its slick infomercial, the Qashqai’s touchscreen system feels a little cumbersome and counterproductive– however, unlike with the Golf’s, it does not feel glitchy or irritating.

Presently, the Qashqai is used in the UK just with a 1.3-litre gasoline engine with 2 power results (a complete hybrid option is coming soon and Nissan has abandoned all of the diesel powertrains). We have actually chosen the more powerful 156bhp version as well as picked the six-speed guidebook transmission over the CVT.

When we subjected the Qashqai to Autocar’s extensive road test, that powertrain was the only aspect of the vehicle that actually “disappointed”, with the engine and transmission not really feeling especially well matched. That absolutely tallies with my experience until now, with the caution that when I’ve obtained the Qashqai up to speed, it’s typically smooth, calm and also enjoyable.

This is absolutely no dynamic vehicle driver, however after that you would not expect it to be. It’s produced amiably very easy car until now, whether for short around-town trips or motorway rides. Much like with an Ed Sheeran cd, even those that prefer something much more edgy would certainly need to appreciate exactly how easy the Qashqai is to cope with.

I question the next couple of months will show the Qashqai to be anything aside from amiable family transport. What we’re intending to discover are any kind of surprise midsts and personality, or if it shows as forgettably inoffensive as any kind of Ed Sheeran cd.

Second opinion – Illya Verpraet

How much exhilaration do you want from your family SUV? In all way too many autos, a little bit too much ‘excitement’ originates from buggy multimedia systems and rickety functional designs. The Qashqai has none of that, and also there is something to be said for having the ability to pay attention to Ed Sheeran in peace, even if I like a bit of jazzy improv.

Nissan Qashqai Tekna DiG-T 158PS specification
Specs: Rate New ₤ 31,565 Price as examined ₤ 32,710 Alternatives Magnetic Blue paint ₤ 745, two- tone pearl black roofing ₤ 400.

Examination Information: Engine 1332cc, 4cyls, turbocharged petroleum Power 158bhp at 5500rpm Torque 199lb feet at 1800rpm Kerb weight 1426kg Top speed 124mph 0-62mph 9.2 sec Gas economy 43.6 mpg CO2 144g/km Faults None Expenses None.