Nissan’s made a 400bhp, single-seat electric car

Nissan’s flush with EV concepts this week. The latest is a crossover-cum-Formula E car, somehow

“Nissan has gone principle car insane” said, um, this very internet site previously in the week. Well it’s gone crazier still by draining an additional mere days later on. We’re not about to soothe the designers down when the cars look like this, though.

Meet the Ariya Solitary Seater Principle, which Nissan helpfully translates as “a demo project of just how the all-electric Nissan Ariya road cars and truck powertrain could be made use of in a bespoke single seater auto racing auto framework”.

Which suggests you’re considering a near-400bhp, all-wheel-drive single-seat track plaything, efficiently. Which sounds almighty enjoyable, especially when you consider it’s vastly a lot more powerful than a real Formula E racecar.

On which note, Nissan claims the Ariya Single Seater combines the worlds of the Ariya electric crossover as well as the firm’s Formula E competitor, with styling hints from both. We ‘d suggest the latter is doing a lot of the heavy training there.

” Nissan completes in Formula E not just to race on the right track, but likewise to support the advancement of engaging electric lorries for consumers,” said Tommaso Volpe, Nissan’s motorsport supervisor.

” Our EV programs notify our Formula E program and the other way around, enabling road-to-track technology transfer in addition to track-to-road. The Nissan Ariya Solitary Seater Principle explores the mix of the all-electric powertrain, double motors and also innovative four-wheel drive system of the Ariya with a pure single seat racing framework – an effective presentation of just exactly how exhilarating electric cars could be.”

One they would certainly think about putting into manufacturing? We anticipate not, offered we’ve had a number of Fallen leave RC concepts that have stayed really bewitching advancement displays for EV tech and nothing even more.