Opinion: the BMW Concept XM makes me feel apathy, not anger

One TG writer just can’t help but shrug pitifully at the sight of M’s new SUV thingy

BMW M is fifty next year. It’s a big deal. I would certainly place M Department’s produce– as well as its core model, the M3, particularly– alongside GT division Porsches, RenaultSport hot hatchbacks and V8 mid-engined Ferraris as the four columns of the performance vehicle globe.

So I have actually most likely got every right to be incandescent that the automobile apparently noting M’s big five-oh is the BMW Concept XM, an OTT SUV with a truthfully ridiculous grille and a meaningless amount of power. However I’m not upset, neither let down. I’m not even shocked.

In fact I’m kinda ambivalent to the entire point. BMW as well as M are ultimately making what they know will certainly formulate significant profit margins as well as a hell of a lot of promotion. The reality Audi, BMW, Mercedes as well as Porsche– among others– are trying to offer us an electric future while still launching vastly overpowered two-tonne swellings frustrates the heck out of me, however the cars are clearly marketing and these are firms earning money, not charities conserving the world.

Should M Division’s first standalone version since the really initially– the delicious M1 supercar– be anything apart from a chic plug-in hybrid crossover? I would certainly say so. Should it be a stripped-out, chauffeur focused-sports auto of some summary? Definitely.

But the reality that it’s not simply makes me shrug my shoulders with apathy and cling– with ever whitening knuckles– onto the ‘this is what’ll money an M4 CSL’ mantra that’s been borrowed and changed ad infinitum given that the very first Cayenne showed up and we all shut our eyes and also idea of 911 GT3s.

One point that does effectively irritate me, though. Why does the apparent halo product of among the cornerstone purveyors of fast autos have to slightly appear like a Skoda Kodiaq?