Overkill Racing building a shop truck like no other

Tube-framed 1968 Chevy C60 6×6 with six doors and a slam

Here’s the best first example of truth in advertising for 2022. When the executive at Overkill Competing as well as Chassis in Woods Cross, Utah decided he wanted a store truck, he dealt with electronic designer Abimelec Arellano and Engle Brothers Manufacture on this, a vintage Chevy pick-up developed into a six-doored 6×6. Not only that, however if the details on Instagram are to be believed, the shop has stressed the “over” in Overkill by making this truck more than it seems and also not what it appears. The Excessive Insta account states the original selection was a Chevrolet C50 pickup, which was Chevy’s second-gen light two-ton truck, equivalent to a 5500-series vehicle today. In time, that choice turned into a 1968 C60, which was the heavy two-tonner, a 6500. So under that customized half-ton-looking bodywork there’s a structure that usually sits under an industrial chassis cab or dump/box truck. Those monsters typically featured a solitary axle on the back with double back wheels, yet there are plenty with twin back axles for the plug-and-play 6×6 look Overkill is going for.

Other than there’s no such framework, since Excessive is fabbing a tube-frame chassis for this. Evidently, it’s a high-viz practice session for the C10 tube framework package that Excessive intends to sell this summer season. And also due to the fact that overkill– in case we haven’t said that sufficient– the two options for position were 1) boosted on 40s or 2) belly-scraper. We’re mosting likely to think this build will certainly use more air bags than the Austin Bagpipes to reduce those awnings masquerading as fenders over those enormous, chromed, ten-lug edges. The store hasn’t discussed what’s going to reside in that engine bay; the biggest engines offered in the initial truck were a 366-cubic-inch V8 and a 479-cubic-inch six-cylinder diesel, neither of which we expect to make the final cut.

After greater than a year in the major drawing board, we’re told this as-yet-unnamed blue and gray beast is taking the first steps towards truth. Looks like nobody makes certain the length of time it’s mosting likely to require to construct, but the kidding hashtag for now is #SEMA 2030. Although we anticipate it faster, an eight-year develop would not be surprising neither anything to be embarrassed of for individuals who have other jobs. It would certainly look wild among all the electric vehicles, though. Before after that, we might look into what’s in the water in Woods Cross as well as what type of shop requires this kind of truck.