Quit Your Whining, A Manual Toyota Supra May Be Coming To The U.S.

After years of asking, it seems Toyota is poised to bring a six-speed Supra stateside

Individuals in the united state have been waiting on the Toyota GR Supra to offer a manual transmission practically given that the auto was first revealed. Well, wait no more as a brand-new report appears to just about confirm that a 6-speed is coming.

The Drive reports the details originates from a resource inside Toyota’s dealer network. They “validated” the hand-operated Supra could debut this year

In this record, the manual transmission will certainly be used on both the 2.0-liter 4 cyndrical tube and also the 3.0-liter six-cylinder models, likely to debut as an option for the 2023 model year.

Toyota has actually constantly been toying with the idea of bringing a hands-on Supra stateside. The firm has actually also confessed to knowing how to designer and also build a manual version– yet it was never certain if it would certainly deserve the investment.

Thus far, Toyota has declined to talk about the reports of the auto concerning the united state

Right now there are only 32 new vehicles available right here with 3 pedals, so another option definitely isn’t going to distressed any individual.

It remains to be seen if the manual-equipped Supra would help move units in the U.S., or if it’s too little too late for the auto. In 2014, Toyota stired 6,800 systems.

It’s not clear if people who wanted the manual Supra simply quit on waiting and moved onto either a different vehicle entirely or simply gone for an automated Supra. We expect time will inform.

However hey, just you can make a decision if the six-speed Supra will be a success. You have actually all been asking for one, so it’s time to place your money where your mouth is.