Radar Detectors Can Break Your Corvette’s Side Mirrors Because Everything Is Electronic Now

You wouldn’t think an electrical issue could stop a piece of glass from working, but you’d be surprised

It’s clear that modern-day cars and trucks depend on electronic devices to do basically every little thing, and the C8 Corvette is no exemption. An electrical mistake might cost you rear visibility if it obtains the backwards-facing electronic camera, or turn an electronically-actuated exchangeable roof into an unscripted fixed hardtop. In spite of that, you would certainly anticipate the difficult structures of the vehicle, points like glass and metal, to be unsusceptible to such modern inconveniences. Well, the Corvette is here to shatter your assumptions once again.

According to a new technical publication from General Motors, aftermarket radar detectors hard-wired to the car behind the rear-view mirror can influence how voltage flows elsewhere in the car– especially, to the side-view mirrors. This raised voltage can permanently dim the mirror, as well as trigger its face to loaded with an aggravating Nazca line pattern.

The issue specifically appears to impact the auto’s “X1 connector”, an electrical port that’s concealed behind the mirror. It seems that this jumper can in some way over-volt the side mirrors, though exactly how exactly this takes place isn’t explained in the service bulletin. The solution, however, is: Unplug your radar detector and also replace the mirror, and also do it all outside the service warranty’s coverage.

Surprisingly, the solution notice (and also a related forum post on the topic) especially state radar detectors– and also just radar detectors. And also the area of the harness in question looks prime to tap into for various other hardwire needs, like a dashcam, but those are never raised.

Possibly C8 owners aren’t mounting dashcams due to the car’s built-in selection of electronic cameras, or possibly radar detectors simply get set up first. With a cars and truck that fast, I can recognize those top priorities.

GM’s solution bulletin does not state any kind of kind of preventative maintenance from the business, so it’s unclear if this is a concern that could be repaired using a supplier update. As a feasible home service, a wise enough controller board might likely regulate the quantity of voltage going towards each mirror, yet it all depends upon exactly how the system is wired– a weird aspect to have to consider for a mirror.