Red crabs halt car traffic on the roads of Christmas Island

Some people freak out, some lie on the ground and let the crabs crawl over them

Countless red crabs crawled across Christmas Island on Tuesday, part of their yearly migration to the ocean on the island off the coast of Western Australia.

” This year’s movement has actually just been definitely epic,” said Xmas Island National forest natural resource manager Brendan Tiernan.

” The roadways have been a seething mass of red crabs. It’s caused traffic jams on this small island as well as people needing to leave their autos and rake them out the method.”

Tiernan said the eco-friendly phenomenon of crabs migrating to the sea to generate occurs no place else worldwide on such a scale.

“Sometimes we call it red crab island; the island’s area acknowledge just exactly how vital red crabs are to our environment as well as to our economic climate, to tourist,” he stated.

After mating, male crabs will certainly trip back to the jungle as the women stay behind in burrows for about 2 weeks to lay eggs. Each female can create up to 100,000 eggs, which she will deposit into the sea.

“Some people were rather gone crazy by the truth that they’re surrounded by countless creeping arthropods, whereas other people are just submersed – generally do a little ‘red crab angel’, they’ll push ground as well as let themselves obtain covered in red crabs,” Tiernan stated.

The Christmas Island red crab is one-of-a-kind to the island as well as secured by Australian regulation.