Remember the amazing Alfa Romeo Caimano concept?

If you’ve not already been informed ad infinitum, the 1970s was a time of wedge-shaped cars and trucks, extreme amounts of orange paint as well as a lot of major socioeconomic things that truly isn’t significant to a tale on an automobile website.

Italian developers like Bertone, Giugiaro, and also Gandini spent much of the late ’60s as well as early ’70s efficiently attempting to out-wedge each other– see the Alfa Carabo, if you require an example– however the Caimano took things in a totally different instructions.

The bubble-topped concept had all the trademarks of 1970s style, and also without a doubt of 1970s Alfa Romeo: many angles, avant-garde flourishes and also suspicious develop quality.

Yet that respects develop high quality when there’s a one-piece glass canopy covering the whole cabin, pop-up headlights as well as a charred orange Alfa logo design on the hood?

At this point, we would certainly love to claim that under the hood hid some sort of 20-litre, V-36 engine with several thousands of horsepower, however that truly isn’t the instance.

You see, the glass roofing system, gullwing doors and kinked hood were underpinned by the rather humble Alfasud. That indicated a 1.3-litre flat four engine with a dizzying 86bhp, according to Italdesign.

That said, the ‘Sud was incredibly advanced for its time– boxer engine, four-wheel disc brakes, and a five-speed handbook in the very early 1970s was generally Star Wars with a number plate– and also the Caimano accentuated the new front-drive Alfa platform.

Sadly, the Caimano was never predestined to go beyond the stand at the 1971 Turin Motor Show, after that on to sit in Alfa’s museum in Arese, beside a few of the most desirable metal ever offered.