Retro review: the Subaru Impreza WRX STI 330S

Seen in its own right the brand-new Subaru Impreza WRX STI 330S is a little bit unique. The numbers are impressive sufficient: 325bhp as well as 344lb feet of torque. That’s 29bhp and 44lb ft more than the conventional STI, thanks to a few engine tweaks as well as a huge new exhaust from Prodrive. It’s ₤ 5,000 extra pricey as well, and also a full half-second quicker to 60mph. That makes it the quickest Impreza you can buy inevitable to grey imports or dodgy men with spanners.

The 330S imbues you with Loeb-esque driving skills even if you’re only typical, leaving you at the end of a cross-country schlep with a great deal of inactivity and also a bemused expression on your face. Beyond that vicious straight-line rate, there’s such an ominous book of mid-range power as well as torque therefore much grip that you can merely punt the auto right into a corner much, far quicker than should physically be possible, let the magic diffs sort points out, after that arise out the opposite in a yobbish yowl of flat four.

It’s even more extreme as well as extra extreme than the conventional STI, which is virtually as fast a point-to-point cars and truck as you can consider. Stiffer Prodrive springs and grippier Recaro seats do not do any damage.

But consider the 330S against the background of wonderful Imprezas, and also cracks start to show up. A lot of perplexing is the obscure, wafty guiding, a despair that seems much more noticable than in the basic Impreza STI.

And the exhaust, which seems wonderfully burbly on the fly, cuts a troublesome drone at still, while the gas economy is sodding dreadful. Oh, and also the ride is arse-bruisingly firm. As well as the brakes are a little bit dead.

Then there’s the turbo lag. The extra 29bhp over the basic STI engine is all created at the top of the rev array, and also the heading figure clearly took precedence over low-range action: floor the throttle in second equipment at low speed and also you’ll be surpassed by eager joggers as you wait to strike 2,500 rpm, when the boost gets here with a clouting upper cut.

These imperfections, unfortunately, will consign the 330S to a plain footnote on the record of excellent quick Scoobies past. It’s an incredible car, yes, if you really did not have other Scoobs for recommendation, but it’s not worth an added ₤ 5k over the basic WRX STI. It ain’t half fast, though …

Judgment: The 330S is extremely fast, scarily able to be used and also nearly attractive. But still not one of the Great Hot Imprezas …