Rivian Owners Share Info About Recent Over-The-Air Updates

That would certainly have ever before thought a car could improve gradually while you have it, absolutely free? Over-the-air software program updates are something Tesla has been applauded for many years, and also other car manufacturers are starting to follow suit. Actually, brand-new owners of the Rivian R1T electric pickup and also R1S three-row electrical SUV are already uploading info about current updates.

While over-the-air (OTA) updates are an attribute that clearly assist car manufacturers as well as owners, they’re not something that traditional dealerships are most likely to appreciate. If an automobile can be “dealt with” and also boosted gradually without having to check out a dealer, this means suppliers might lose cash. It comes as not a surprise dealerships are marking up EVs knowing they’ll probably shed cash on service.

That claimed, heritage OEMs are currently providing OTA updates, though some still require a browse through to the car dealership. As opposed to allowing the upgrade to occur at the ease of the proprietor’s residence or workplace, people might have to make an appointment to have the upgrade “set up properly.”

Meanwhile, similar to Tesla, Rivian does not have a traditional franchised car dealership network. Hence, it’s doing the same with Tesla as well as initiating OTA updates without the requirement to head to a solution facility. Relying on which EV you have, this might hold true with your car as well. Get in touch with the automaker or your regional supplier for certain details.

A recent Twitter blog post by techAU verifies that some Rivian proprietors are currently reporting such OTA updates:

Extra especially, according to a post by Teslarati, Rivian software program update Variation 2021.49.2 uses numerous “insect repairs as well as improvements.” While these updates aren’t significant, OTA updates have almost limitless possibility, besides altering out equipment, obviously. Additionally, it appears Rivian’s very first OTA upgrade has actually rolled out smoothly as well as with no noted problems, at least based on information obtained from Rivian-related online forums.

The upgrade reportedly improves the user interface, sound, Bluetooth connection, navigating, climate control, rearview camera assistance, and security-related features. Teslarati claims Rivian proprietors have actually kept in mind that the infotainment system, in general, really feels more receptive after the update. In addition, there are upgrades to Rivian’s Highway Assist and Driver+ security notifications.

In order to upgrade your Rivian vehicle, you have to have more than 35 miles of range, as well as you can not be charging at a DC fast-charging terminal. The lorry has to remain parked while it’s updating, as well as some attributes might be limited during the procedure.