Shelby American Guarantees an Unique Cars And Truck News on Dec. 15

The distinctively Mustang-like form of this teaser image would seem to offer the secret away, but then again, there are web conspiracy theorists claiming it could be a Shelby Bronco.

Details are virtually zilch for now regarding this intro posted by Shelby American on social media sites, but that isn’t quiting conjecture regarding what’s to come following month. All we know is that it’s meant to be “something special” and also will certainly show up in the middle of December.
Will it be a brand-new Shelby GT350? A GT500KR? A Shelby Bronco? Or none of the above?
No idea, yet we do know that Shelby showed off a modified Mustang Mach-E concept at SEMA this month, so that’s something.

When it comes to the proportion of generating comments with the fewest number of words, Shelby American is succeeding. Just by uploading an image of a current-gen Mustang not that well concealed under a cloth wrap, the company said the adhering to on Facebook: “December 15, 2021 … something unique will certainly be introduced.” Currently, 1200 Likes and 590 Shares later (as of this writing), individuals wonder regarding what spruced-up Ford might get here following month.


The most likely assumption, based on the auto under wraps aware, is one more Shelby-modified Mustang. Motor1 notes that December 15 is a vital day in the history of the Las Vegas-based tuner: December 15, 2009, is when Shelby Automobiles once again ended up being Shelby American.

Supposition across the internet– informed as well as wildly uninformed– regarding what Shelby has up its sleeve varies from a Shelby-modified Shelby GT350 to a brand-new GT500KR. Some voices are asserting the news will be about a Shelby Bronco design, which could appear absurd taking into consideration the undoubtedly non-Bronco shape of this teaser. Then again, as the Ford Authority blog site has actually specified, 2022 Ford Bronco production will start on, you thought it, December 15.
Or perhaps this is simply a company information statement and also there won’t be a new car involved whatsoever, making the draped Mustang just the “image for interest” present on many online posts.

While we hypothesize, we can acquaint ourselves with several of Shelby’s recent doings. Shelby presented the modified Shelby Mustang Mach-E principle shown above at SEMA previously this month. This design was furnished with unique Recaro racing seats, graphene-infused composite products, as well as the conventional blue as well as white red stripes on the exterior. Ford also started taking pre-orders for the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 on November 15. This model has a beginning cost of $76,695.