Should Honda and Sony’s new collaboration build the Vision S concept?

2 old Japanese business lately announced a purpose to form a new Japanese business which will certainly in turn construct battery electric vehicles.

Honda and also Sony have actually authorized a memo of comprehending to create a joint endeavor called ‘New Business’. Yeah, little on the nose, that. And yet if it brings us an electrical cars and truck we can legitimately call the Sony Driveman, we’re done in.

The new New Firm will ally Honda’s comprehensive production as well as after-sales nous to Sony’s imaging, picking up, telecoms and enjoyment technology for a “new generation of wheelchair and also services”. The very first fruit will certainly be an electric auto set up for 2025; Honda will develop it, Sony will sort the ‘wheelchair service system’.

Sony Group boss Kenichiro Yoshida stated: “Via this partnership with Honda, we plan to improve our vision to ‘make the movement area an emotional one’, and also contribute to the development of flexibility centred around safety, enjoyment as well as adaptability.”

Honda employer Toshihiro Mibe added: “Although Sony and Honda are companies that share many historical and also cultural resemblances, our locations of technical proficiency are very various. For that reason, I think this alliance which brings together the strengths of our 2 firms offers terrific possibilities for the future of wheelchair.”

What do you wish to see from this partnership– a production variation of the Vision S we saw at CES back in 2020 (pictured over), the Vision-S 02 SUV that was revealed previously this year, or something entirely different? Let us understand listed below.