Some new Teslas shipped without USB ports thanks to chip shortage

Who wants a fully electric car that can’t even charge a smartphone?

Tesla has actually been powering through the international chip shortage, remaining to make cars when other automakers have actually totally pressed time out on production. However it’s not quite service customarily.

According to a record by Electrek, some Design 3 and also Model Y customers have reported locating their new cars to be lacking USB-C ports in the centre console and also back seating areas. Some buyers were alerted of the planned omission, while others needed to discover the missing out on ports themselves.

One such customer required to Reddit to talk about the removal, publishing an image of the two openings in the automobile’s interior where ports should be.

Those lorries missing ports in the centre console also seem to be doing not have cordless billing functionality.

The firm has actually allegedly told some owners that the missing parts will be installed by means of a service appointment when components appear, yet Electrek states none of its sources have received word in writing.

The recurring parts shortage is wreaking havoc elsewhere in the market, too. Early November, GM introduced it was delivering several new versions without heated seats, among its most preferred alternatives. As Well As Chez BMW, vehicles like the 3 and 4 Collection designs, the Z4 convertible, and the X5, X6, as well as X7 SUVs are being delivered without touchscreens, rather supplying purchasers a $500 credit score.

Tesla has yet to use any such discount as well as doesn’t also have a practical PR team to hear out if it was. Buyer beware.