Specs confirmed for new Genesis G90 luxury saloon flagship

Range-topping Genesis G90 saloon features a 375bhp 3.5-litre turbo petrol engine with electric compressor on long wheelbase models

Genesis has verified specs for its new G90, the brand name’s range-topping deluxe public house set to take on the Mercedes S-Class.

The Korean premium brand’s range-topping four-door is powered by a 375bhp 3.5-litre turbocharged gas engine in conventional wheelbase form, while in the long wheelbase model the 3.5-litre device is supplemented by an electric compressor powered by the G90’s 48-volt mild crossbreed system.

Genesis hasn’t confirmed a power outcome for the device assisted by its electric supercharger, yet unlike the rear-drive-only basic wheelbase cars and truck, the long wheelbase model’s eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels.

Multi-chamber air suspension and rear-wheel guiding – improving manoeuvrability at reduced speed and also stability at broadband – additionally feature as basic on the G90 Lengthy Wheelbase.

The regular G90 provides Genesis’s Preview-Electronic Control Suspension, a system that scans the roadway ahead of the auto and also makes use of data from the sat-nav to readjust the suspension dampers according to the roadway for optimum convenience. This adaptive tech attributes on the air-sprung set up, as well.

According to genesis, if the innovation senses a bulge in the road 100m in advance, it elevates the automobile’s flight elevation by 10mm as well as optimizes the suspension settings to minimize the shock to guests; on rough roads the system can increase the suspension by as high as 25mm at both the front and also the rear to stay clear of the body contacting the ground over harsher bumps.

There’s also a Brake Mode function with a ‘Licensed operator’ setup – one of 3 settings that adjusts the specifications of the braking system relying on chauffeur preference.