Spied! What’s this oddball VW Aero B Sedan spotted in the Alps?

Our guess? An ‘Aero B’ by any other name is just a ‘Volkswagen Passat EV’

Every major automaker on the planet is sinking billions of bucks right into the growth of all-electric automobiles, as well as Volkswagen is no various. Our photographers have snooped VW engineers in the Austrian Alps testing what is most likely to end up being, for all intents and objectives, a Passat EV.

Speaking heads are urging this model will certainly be called the “Aero B” when it begins production in the 2023 calendar year, despite the majority of the business’s all-electric variety dropping under its spellcheck-vexing “ID” banner.

Whatever its name, anticipate the four-door car to ride on VW’s MEB electrical vehicle platform, a set of bones on which the ID.4 and ID.5 crossover-type lorries are developed. This indicates there will likely be a single-motor rear-wheel-drive choice, plus an AWD dual-motor machine with a performance bent.

Array? Battery size? Anticipate it to have somewhat more of both than one of its various other system companions, the ID.3. That device has an optimum battery ability of 77 kWh as well as series of 544 km (according to the WLTP score system, which can give greater price quotes than the EPA examination that offers a closer estimate for real-world North American motorists). The Aero B could have a battery packing 84 kWh of juice, helpful for a (WLTP) range of 696 kilometres.

Will this type of device make it to this side of the pond? Our Driving Magic 8-Ball encourages us to ‘ask again later’. Cars aren’t precisely one of the most prominent of body styles in North America, as well as VW has wisely raked plenty of R&D right into its SUV as well as crossover side of the showroom. Still, there’s a cravings for lorries like the Tesla Version S and Polestar 2, so perhaps we shouldn’t disregard the Aero B completely.

Our own Justin Pritchard sampled the VW ID.4 in the wilds of northern Ontario, pointing out the MEB design as strong and also solid while calling the overall package an “easy lorry to such as.” Whether the Aero B appears below or otherwise, there’s an excellent possibility you’ll see an all-electric VW of some kind on your daily commute in the future.