Tesla Owner Claims Their Model Y Was “Recalled” For Delaminating Battery Cells

As we’ve said many times before, making cars is hard.

The idea that Tesla has quality assurance concerns isn’t exactly brand-new. The American automaker has such a lengthy background of bad QC, it would take countless words to provide them all. Yet that doesn’t suggest Tesla isn’t still innovating new ways to make its vehicles unreliable. The most recent example appears to be peeling battery cells.

Autoevolution lately discovered a string over on the Tesla Motors Club forum started by an individual with the name Tommy L Garage. In it, Mr. Garage asserted Tesla had called, stating they needed to bring their Version Y in asap. When they went down the car off, they learnt the plan was to replace the whole battery pack. Oh, and it was mosting likely to take two weeks to complete the swap.

Evidently, Tesla informed Mr. Garage their “vin gets a recall due to flaking battery cells.” Really interesting. Partly because the Design Y concerned is claimed to be a 2022 design that’s only a week old as well as most likely should not require a total battery pack replacement. And also partially because when we inspected the NHTSA’s recall website, there are still no remembers provided for the 2022 Tesla Design Y.

Did the Tesla employee utilize the term inaccurately? Did Mr. Garage misunderstand? Is Tesla doing an informal recall after seriously screwing up something pricey to deal with once more? A minimum of in the meantime, it’s not entirely clear just what is taking place or the amount of Version Ys are impacted.

What we do recognize is that a minimum of one other forum participant referred to as plastus said Tesla had actually also called them concerning a full battery substitute for their 2022 Model Y. So it doesn’t seem like this is a one-off point even though that participant really did not particularly hear the words “peeling battery cells.”

One more participant declared their 2021 Design Y had the battery pack changed after 16,000 miles. 10 days later, they got their cars and truck back, but it now made “an awful drill like as well as whistling noise.” On the other hand, various other participants whined concerning a clunking sound that could be a loose panel on top of the battery pack.

As well as, of course, there was one participant who said that just 6 days after taking distribution of their vehicle, the battery pack totally died on them, leaving them stranded with a bricked auto.

I think it’s entirely possible that the only individuals in the English-speaking globe with Model Y battery problems remained in that string, and the problem just influences them. However taking into consideration the credibility Tesla’s constructed over the years, it would not be surprising to find that it’s even more prevalent.