The Honda Passport is a rugged, US-born SUV

This is the Honda Ticket. As well as if you’re sick of SUVs forgetting about the U (for energy), it could be the answer to your troubles.

Honda says it “can take on the sort of challenging terrain typically booked for much less polished body-on-frame or off-road focused SUVs”, as well as has actually thusly supplied great deals of photos of it being flung via mud as well as lugging hefty things.

It rests over the CR-V in dimension, though brings just five people. And also– betraying the reality it’s a US-only cars and truck– comes with a 276bhp 3.5-litre V6 engine as its only option. Fans of JDM autos or Grandma Turismo will certainly remember when that was the golden horsepower number for an NSX, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evo as well as lots of various other performance heroes …

That engine is mated to a nine-speed automated gearbox– no dissentious CVT right here– and a host of off-road systems including four-wheel drive, torque-vectoring and a traction system with Snow, Sand as well as Mud modes. You can have a front-drive version, however it truly would not remain in keeping with what the Passport’s about. Spec AWD as well as you likewise get the full 2.7-tonne towing ability.

Mind, there’s greater than a nod to the S (for sporting activity) of SUV, also, with 20in edges as basic, as well as inside you can have 4G-fed wifi and a banging stereo managed by means of Apple CarPlay. A complete Defender would-be this ain’t.

It’s been designed in the United States, and also will be constructed there, as well. And also not sold on European shores. Does that make you sad?