The Honda Sports EV concept is a future-proof S2000

Electric Urban EV concept gets an ace two-seater sports car sibling

Remember the Honda Urban EV idea from the Frankfurt show? Of course you do, it shook our globe with its best stance as well as minimalist appearance riddled with hints of mk1 Civic, 205 GTI as well as VW Golf mk1. It provided us faith that when electrical hatchbacks take control of, traditional style could still be an alternative.

Currently Honda has actually gone one step further and also revealed the Sports EV concept at the Tokyo show. Using the very same stunning visual, it reveals what a two-seater sports car– risk we say a spiritual successor to the rev-hungry S2000– may resemble. And also while it won’t be able to provide 9,000 rpm guidebook upshifts, it’s still got plenty going for it.

It’s pure electrical, in case it had not clicked yet, and based upon the brand-new devoted EV system that will underpin a production variation of the Urban EV principle in 2020. We suspect if it does make manufacturing we’ll have to wait a little bit much longer for this set. So 2021, at least.

Like the Urban EV, there’s no word on power or efficiency, but do not anticipate anything ballistic; that’s the NSX’s work, after all. The Sports EV is about “a feeling of pleasure and psychological unity to the drive,” claims Honda. Whatever that suggests. Fun, with any luck.

When it comes to the styling, Honda defines it as having “a striking shape, pleasant face and flexible body surface areas, all developed to make certain the cars and truck mixes right into any way of living.” Deliberately non-aggressive after that, yet like the Urban EV we are seeing solid hints of traditional cars in the shape.

You might be seeing flashes of the Toyota 2000GT from Bond’s 1967 adventure You Just Live Two times? Us also. Although Bond’s vehicle was a specifically commissioned exchangeable (among just a handful in existence) the long arching hood as well as huge circular lights are a dead ringer for the 2000GT Sports car.

No question Honda will inform us it’s really a reincarnation of something from their archive, however in either case, it looks wonderful and we implore them to put it right into production immediately.

So, guys and also women, where do you believe Honda obtained its ideas for this set? And also would a sports car like this make you transform electric?