The McLaren Speedtail produces 1,055bhp

And it’s officially hit 250mph. Over and over again

We understand the procedure of burying bad news. It’s lesson one in prime minister institution. Obtained a frightening brand-new policy to drop? Wait until everyone’s distracted by football coming home. Or someone putting a cat in a container on Twitter.

Well, McLaren shows up to have mastered the art of burying good news. At exactly the minute everybody was wrapping their last couple of presents and heading down to the club to see in Christmas, it introduced some really startling numbers for its Speedtail hypercar. We do not recognize the logic either.

Nevertheless, said hypercar has lived up completely to its 250mph assurance, signing off its development by attaining its exceptionally cool full throttle over 30 times. At a rather awesome place, as well: the old Space Shuttle landing strip at Kennedy Room Center in Florida. If ever before there was two-week-old news that deserved some belated airtime, it’s this.

We’ve additionally had confirmation of the figures pumped out by the Speedtail’s petrol-electric drivetrain, also: 1,055 bhp as well as 848lb ft, the highest possible of any McLaren road car as well as enough for 0-186mph in 13 seconds. For recommendation, an 84bhp Ford Feast takes a whole second longer than that to strike a simple 62mph.

Those 250mph runs were accomplished with Kenny Brack at the wheel– he of GT40-wrestling popularity– simply to up the amazing variable much more.

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