The Most Popular Vehicle In Your State Is Probably A Ford F-150 Pickup

New? Used? Doesn’t matter. Everyone’s buying and driving Ford F-150s.

You don’t need me to inform you that the rates of both brand-new and secondhand autos have actually skyrocketed in recent months– we have actually covered that lots here on Jalopnik. Rather, I’m here to tell you what vehicles individuals are in fact acquiring when they do buck up and also spend the money, and the response is probably a Ford F-150.

Ford’s renowned pickup truck tops the hot seller’s lists for brand-new as well as previously owned automobiles, according to a new ISeeCars study that assessed the most preferred vehicles in every state as well as in the USA overall. If you’re acquiring a lorry these days, you’re most likely acquiring a Ford.

I wasn’t joking. The Ford F-150 was the brand-new car of option for 20 of our 50 states and the made use of automobile of option for a massive 38 states. According to the information, the F-150 made up 3.6 percent of total used cars and truck sales in 2021, which places it way ahead the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 down in 2nd place with a simple 2.6 percent. The F-150’s 3 percent share of the brand-new vehicle market suggests it likewise beat out the Ram Pickup 1500 (2.3 percent) as well as the Silverado (2.2 percent). America genuinely is the land of the husky pickup truck.

That’s not to state various other designs of vehicle are unpopular– there are still a lot of SUVs on the bestseller checklist– however that customers increasingly show up to desire a car that’s qualified, well-tried, and family-friendly. It likewise reveals that the sedan is well and absolutely dead. The only high-selling sedans on the new checklist were the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. The utilized listing is similar, albeit with the addition of one state (Florida) acquiring a lot of Toyota Corollas.

The data deserves a look. ISeeCars breaks down the very popular vehicles in cities (where the F-150 continues to preponderate). However the high variety of trucks changing hands could extremely well have something to do with the eternally-rising car rates, because purchasing a brand-new truck can be as pricey as purchasing a high-end car.