The Other F1 Championship Battles You’re Forgetting About This Weekend

Yeah, the World Championship is cool and all, but how about that fifth place?

Every person’s speaking about Lewis Hamilton and also Max Verstappen entering the Formula One season finale incorporated factors, but allow us not forget that we have some other fights occurring further down the grid to gain a handful of those desired factors– and the cash prize that includes them.

I recognize, I recognize. It does not seem as amazing. But cash prize is cash prize, as well as every person desires some of that.

In case you’ve forgotten, F1 divvies up cash prize in an unusual way that can be an annoyance to explain. Essentially: a particular quantity of prize money is similarly dispersed among the leading 10 groups in the collection, and any other group obtains an engagement fund. Another amount of cash is separated up based upon a group’s completing placement, with the first-place team getting more money than the second place team and so forth down the board. Ferrari obtains a little money just for being Ferrari.

So: it profits the team to finish higher in the championship standings, which implies their vehicle drivers require to complete well. So you can visualize that there’s some solid incentive right here for chauffeurs to duke it out on the track no matter where they’re completing.

Let’s take a look at what gets on the table for the finale at Abu Dhabi.