This 2001 Toyota concept could have solved the housing crisis

Toyota’s DMT concept was designed to be versatile

What is this practical looking thing?

This is the Toyota DMT concept, which was revealed at the 2001 Tokyo electric motor show, where the motto was “Unlock! The Car’s Bright Future”. We think it could be among those things where the significance evaporates in translation. That year’s Tokyo show additionally saw debuts for the Daihatsu Copen and also Mazda RX-8.

What does DMT mean?

Something-something-tomato, isn’t it? Wait, we’ll look it up. Oh right. It’s the Double Mode Visitor, which sounds like among those suitcases you see adverts for on the web. The dual mode was a reference to the hybrid nature of the van, since while it was all standard up front, in the back it was made to be a flexible space for proprietors to make use of.

What was the DMT concept really for?

The cars and truck that Toyota showed off at the 2001 Tokyo occasion had an office set up in the rear of it– from what we can see a well-read administrator with a taste for repurposing Ikea furniture. It was planned to be a versatile space, however, with the possibility only limited by the owner’s creative imagination as well as spending plan. There was a dividing between the front cabin and also back area, yet a door opened up and there was a step into the back. An office far from residence, if you will.

What was under the hood?

There weren’t several details regarding the set-up underneath the bonnet, yet we do know that the CMT was powered by a 2.4-litre petroleum engine that likewise saw action in the RAV4 as well as Previa models around the same time. If the DMT had gone into production though, it would undoubtedly have been ripe for among the Japanese carmaker’s hybrid powertrains …

What was the DMT like inside?

The DMT was extremely airy up front, with none of the typical oppressive area constraints you relate to being embeded the cabin of a functioning van Light timbers, insane looking chairs with headrests evidently inspired by toilet rolls … The control panel controls resembled they were modelled on the iPod (if you’re also young to keep in mind, this was a stylish portable songs player designed by Apple) and also the full-width cockpit console before the windscreen glowed a luring blue.

Any crazy concept vehicle touches?

In addition to the notion that any person would certainly be thrilled regarding stuffing their home office right into the back of a van, the Toyota DMT was extremely without idea vehicle chaos. Sticking a crazy set of 23-inch wheels on instead of those sad little points wouldn’t have actually killed them. From the outdoors, the DMT did have the appearance of a vehicle that had had a van land on top of it and after that they just bonded them together. The only principle car whimsy was possibly the refreshingly pointless folding hard-top sunroof. Mentioning insane principles, however, would not the DMT be just the thing now to fix the real estate situation? Imagine rows as well as rows of them parked in those supermarket bays at the back that nobody ever before makes use of. Easily situated public housing for hundreds of people. Bosh, no demand to thank us, the government.

I could not consider anything even worse than staying in a van.

Sure, our strategy to house people in countless thousands of DMTs would probably stimulate a strong reaction. “Hellishly gloomy” as well as “no way to live” are solid sentences to throw around, but we assume you would certainly get made use of to your brand-new way of living swiftly enough. Stressed regarding the absence of space? Park your brand-new starter residence near a park. You can walk around and also feed the ducks to your heart’s content. Though watch out after dark, we hear it obtains a bit dicy.

Why didn’t the Toyota DMT enter into manufacturing?

The issue is that the world needs much more enthusiasts like us about– Top Gear has long proven itself experienced at challenging the viewed standards of modern-day movement, and this is no exemption. Naturally, Toyota still makes vans, as well as they’re primarily all the same, aren’t they? Guiding wheel, big area in the back. Specifically given that the firm’s current generation of Proace vans are improved the same system as the Vauxhall Vivaro, Peugeot Specialist and Citroen Jumpy. Not a trouble, however– a lot more vans that could be turned into homes.