This brand-new ‘Mk1’ rally car looks sublime

Not officially a Ford nor an Escort, though it looks like both. And we want it

We’ve currently seen an effectively pukka Mk2 Escort-esque continuation from MST Cars as well as Motorsport Equipment. And also currently they have actually done a Mk1.

Why Escort-esque? Because you’ll see no Ford badges as well as it’s not formally a Companion. Yet a practical pair of eyes will recognize it as a retro rejuvenation of among the coolest rally cars of perpetuity.

The Mk1 adheres to a similar recipe to the Mk2, with prices beginning at ₤ 85,000 before tax yet the end costs entirely at the behest of what you order.

You have actually a choice of 2.5- or 2.8-litre engines, power varying in between 200 as well as 380bhp. There are six-speed H-pattern handbook or consecutive gearboxes. MST has actually allowed some nods to modern-day technology with launch and also traction control systems. As well as you can have the indoor stripped out for competitors or luxuriously trimmed for comfier road use.

” Autos can be constructed for roadway and touring, fast roadway and track, along with full race as well as rally cars and trucks,” we’re told. “The automobiles preserve the timeless feel and look of the 1960s traditional, including the bubble arcs as well as Minilite wheels. Below the automobiles run the most recent electric systems as well as ECUs making them ultra-reliable”

Appears wonderful, huh? And also given the price of a clean, cared-for Mk1 Escort– and even simply its bare shell– there’s potential value in knocking on the door of ₤ 100k to obtain one with a box-fresh body and all the parts specced to your heart’s desire.

And also just to rubber-stamp its ‘rally cool’ condition, Mk1 is being made in North Wales. The waiting listing is already over a year long. Better be hasty, after that …