Thor introduces self-propelled Airstream electric camper concept

Thor and also Airstream announced a new electrical concept that essentially challenges our collective assumptions of what a traveling trailer is supposed to be. Instead of simply being dead weight on the freeway, the self-propelled eStream takes some of the problem off its tow car thanks to its self-supporting electric powertrain. This is one of two electrical campers Thor introduced today, however while the Thor Vision Automobile is a Transit-based electric recreational vehicle performed in the exact same style as conventional ICE van builds, the eStream principle is much wilder and even more interesting.

Since the eStream aids you tow it, it boosts performance whether it’s combined to an electrical or gasoline-powered tow lorry. Specs are slim, yet Thor’s powertrain demo video clip illustrates double independent motors and also up to 2 battery packs. While the eStream is being lugged, these motors can be powered, alleviating the tow lorry of several of its problem. Of course, it likewise should evaluate greater than a traditional trailer, so we do question how much of the electric increase is negated by the presence of the electric boost in the first place.

Thanks to Thor’s advanced electrical architecture, their energy prolongs beyond simply providing added propulsion. The electric motors can be utilized to use torque to the wheels in both instructions, which would permit regenerative capture of braking power for much more variety. The motors can additionally be used to change the distribution of weight on the drawback of a tow lorry by either stopping or powering the wheels, relying on the load, potentially eliminating the demand for a weight-distributing drawback in some applications.

When detached from a vehicle, the trailer can be managed from another location through an app. As well as we do not simply indicate the lights, refrigerator and also HVAC. Thor lets you drive the thing with your phone, like James Bond’s 7 Series in “Tomorrow Never Dies.” You will not get enough speed to launch this point off a car parking framework, yet you can certainly reposition it within a camp site or assistance align it for hitching up. And also when you finally obtain settled in, it’s still a traveling trailer like any other.