Toyota celebrates 50 million Corolla sales with manga series

The comic traces the Corolla’s history

Toyota’s perennially popular Corolla sealed its status as the very successful nameplate in the world by crossing the 50-million mark in 2021. Getting to that landmark took 55 years, and also the company commemorated its achievement by releasing a manga collection in Japan.

Identified by Japanese Nostalgic Vehicle, the comic strip highlights vital moments in the Corolla’s illustrious background. It begins in the 1960s, when a dad comes home in a first-generation model (called E10 inside) and also takes his family out for a drive. In the 1970s, the manga reveals a papa and also a boy having what resembles a major conversation while driving in an E20-generation model. The page devoted to the 1980s highlights the rear-wheel-drive AE86, which stands honored as one of the best-known as well as most in-demand Corolla variants.

The adhering to web page reveals a household going out for ice cream in an E100-generation Corolla from the 1990s. Toyota skipped the 2000s and the 2010s (not really difficult to think why) and leapt to the 2020s with a comic strip that concentrates on modern technology, like the Corolla’s touchscreen-based infotainment system.

While the message remains in Japanese, the series is worth scrolling through for the pictures alone. The stories were motivated by images sent by present as well as previous Corolla proprietors, according to Japanese Classic Cars And Truck, as well as each years’s images were draw in a period-correct style. Since this writing, the manga collection is only offered online; there’s no word yet on whether Toyota will certainly release a printed version of it.

Toyota likewise noted the 50 millionth Corolla by releasing 3 special-edition versions of the car in Japan. While absolutely nothing suggests comparable variations will certainly be offered in America, we’re about to get an all-wheel-drive Corolla hot hatch and that’s not bad for a consolation prize.