Toyota Compact Cruiser EV previews reborn electric FJ Cruiser

It’s much smaller, two proper rear doors and will certainly be a crossover

Tucked deep in the back left corner of Toyota’s photos highlighting its introduced fleet of future electrical automobiles was the version that arguably has the possible to be the biggest hit of them all: the Compact Cruiser EV.

Even from afar it’s clear what it is: a born-again FJ Cruiser, albeit smaller sized, electrical as well as probably a crossover. The front end styling is unmistakable even if the hallmark round fronts lights have actually been exchanged out for more modern LED devices. The account shows a more traditional squared-off rear end and also four correct doors. The FJ Cruiser had rear-hinged fifty percent doors. It likewise hardly appears like a concept. If Toyota doesn’t build something that looks 90% like this, we ‘d be surprised.

Indeed, thinking about exactly how well got the Ford Bronco Sport has been, it’s no surprise that Toyota would certainly want to carry out something comparable influenced by the company’s own off-roading icons, the Land Cruiser as well as succeeding FJ Cruiser retro tribute. Likewise, remember that the FJ Cruiser remains a substantial hit years after Toyota quit making them, with genuinely outrageous valuations on those built in the later manufacturing years with low miles and/or the extra-popular Path Teams Version. They choose well north of the initial asking cost, while even those with high gas mileage choose around the original MSRP. And that held true before made use of auto costs went nutty.

Simply put, the FJ Cruiser is much more popular today than it was when it was brand-new, indicating that Toyota needs to bring the Compact Cruiser EV to market as soon as it can. Of course, it’ll undoubtedly be a much various lorry, yet with what seems like adequate clearances as well as Toyota’s experience in making serious off-roading makers, it might have real possibility on rocks and also mud. That it would be electric is crowning achievement. This is one to be delighted about.