Toyota Prius will reportedly return for a fifth generation

The new model could be right around the corner

Toyota has actually spread its crossbreed technology across its core range over the past few years– buyers can select anything from a Corolla to a Tundra with a gasoline-electric system– as well as this policy dangers making the Prius a moot point. While some rumors claim the current-generation version will certainly retire without a follower, a current report suggests that the crossbreed segment’s poster child will return for a fifth generation.

“It has to maintain a duty, and we need to ensure it will always be a front-runner with that said sort of innovation. Although I can not divulge a lot, we do not intend to squander our icon, also for the future,” claimed a business spokesperson in a meeting with British magazine Autocar.

Toyota forecasts that hybrid technology will certainly continue to be crucial in Europe and abroad throughout the 2020s, a pattern that helps executives make a positive business situation for a new Prius– even if gasoline-electric powertrains are currently typical throughout the company’s lineup. It’s too early to tell what to get out of the next Prius, however our clairvoyance educates us it will make use of Toyota’s fifth-generation hybrid technology. We’re presuming it will certainly once more be improved a modular system; establishing an architecture specifically for the Prius wouldn’t make financial feeling.

Hybrid modern technology is an offered; you really did not anticipate a Gazoo Racing-badged version with the Supra’s BMW-sourced straight-six, did you? Nevertheless, an intriguing opportunity detailed in a different report is that a hydrogen-powered design could join the substitutes for the hybrid and also plug-in crossbreed variants. Toyota hasn’t been shy about its plans to make hydrogen a feasible fuel, it has actually invested a considerable quantity of sources right into developing the technology, and putting it in a Prius would certainly be a sensible way to shower it into the mainstream. Similar to the initial Prius originated the modern-day crossbreed system, the fifth-generation version could be among the initial mass-produced hydrogen vehicles.

If that’s accurate, it will interest see which course Toyota takes. One alternative is fitting the Prius with a powertrain similar in principle to the one that powers the Mirai. In other words, hydrogen creates electrical power which after that zaps the wheels into movement. Another is powering the Prius with a hydrogen-burning engine like the one that Toyota has been testing in race automobiles (which, rather suddenly, Lexus additionally showcased in a side-by-side). Although the latter remedy doesn’t always need to be amazed because it makes use of an internal burning engine, it would be technically feasible to include an electrical motor to develop a true hydrogen-electric system.