Uh oh, looks like the new Manta will be a coupe crossover thing

The iconic Opel coupe is coming back, but not in the way we all wanted

“New Manta is readied to be a fascinating and also astoundingly large brand-new interpretation of a traditional,” claimed Vauxhall when it validated the return of the legendary Opel nameplate earlier today.

And also regretfully yes, that is precisely what it seems like– Vauxhall has now launched an intro photo that shows the Manta will certainly return as a coupe crossover. Doh!

Will this one rile the Net as long as the Mustang Mach-E? It’ll certainly produce some headlines if it looks anything like the sketch above, that’s for sure. Vauxhall claims the principle drawing was revealed very quickly throughout an ‘financier electrification discussion’ last year.

Vauxhall has claimed that the new Manta-e will certainly arrive by 2025 and that– unlike its predecessors– it will certainly be offered in the UK.

What do we assume, Web? Somewhat depressing we aren’t getting the two-door sports car we ‘d desired for?