Used buying guide: Nissan Patrol GR

Everybody remembers the Land Rover Defender, Mitsubishi Shogun and Toyota Land Cruiser, but the Nissan Patrol? We see a wrong that needs righting

I have warm memories of the Nissan Patrol from when, as editor of Practical Campers in the late 1990s, I used one to carry different large tourers (an expert’s term for a campers) around the UK.

Since the Patrol goes all the way back to 1951, to be clear, my own was the Mk5 variation, codenamed Y61, which was on sale in the UK from 1998 to 2009, being facelifted in 2005. It’s the Y61 to me and also Nissan experts, yet to the broader public it’s the Patrol GR.

Whatever you call it, it’s a tank-like 4×4 with a typical ladder-frame framework, a cavernous seven-seat interior and all the four-wheel-drive hoax that you could wish for. Its 2.8-litre diesel engine is a smooth, torquey six-pot with an intercooler. Mix the gears as well as it can power the car later on fairly quickly.

With a kerb weight of 2335kg (for the five-door variation) as well as a lugging ability of 3500kg, the Patrol GR is a match for any kind of big tourer, as well. It’s stable and also protected and also supplies great visibility, although the rearward sight is spoiled by only one of the two boot doors having a washer-wiper.

While we’re criticising it, the guiding is woolly, the handling is ponderous, the brakes are spongy and also refinement is so-so. The Patrol GR is a workhorse, pure and simple, albeit a well-equipped one (some later designs even obtained a head-up compass).

It has always had a photo problem, though. Never mind that you can see white ones every night on television ferrying help to harmed areas of the world, many people after a huge off-roader either mosted likely to Land Rover or, if dependability was more important than badge, Mitsubishi or Toyota.

Our hence failed to remember off-roader was supplied basically- and also long-wheelbase kinds, yet here we have an interest in the last, primarily because today it’s the only version offered in numbers.Not large numbers, though. There are only around 1000 Patrols of all generations when driving as well as a handful of Patrol GRs in the classifieds, at costs ranging from ₤ 3500 to ₤ 10,000. Most are 3.0 Di versions; this four-pot, which makes 156bhp as well as 261lb ft of torque at 2000rpm, replaced the 130bhp 2.8 TD in 2000.