Used buying guide: Saab 9-5

Even a decade after the funeral, many enthusiasts are still mourning Saab. If you’re among them, make the most of its wonderfully fitting parting gift

Is there a better rear than the Saab 9-5’s? Securing eyes on it is to be advised how much we cars and truck fans shed when it was pulled a decade back as Saab went bust.

The 9-5 came in for some harsh objection at its launch in 2010 (testers regreted its pattery flight, wallowy handling and also inadequate noise seclusion), but all that’s neglected when you see one today. The fact is it has actually future traditional composed all over it, for three factors: it was Saab’s last hurrah, a defiant finger at a General Motors prepared to let it go; it’s good-looking, wonderfully made as well as elegant; as well as it’s vanishingly uncommon. As an aside, it’s additionally spacious, well furnished as well as well constructed.

There was additionally a 9-5 estate, but the UK only got the public house, with its previously mentioned rear.

On the gas side were three turbocharged devices: a 180bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder, a 220bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a 296bhp 2.8-litre V6 sourced from Holden. As for the diesels, there was the 158bhp TiD and the 186bhp TTiD, these 2.0-litre four-pot systems based on a Fiat block with a Saab head. Don’t hand down the 1.6 fuel if you discover one, since it’s solid and deceptively fast. The diesels are abrupt as well as noisy yet economical as well as fast– particularly the 2.0 TTiD.

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With routine upkeep, they will certainly go the distance, also. We found a 2011 2.0 TTiD Aero with 108,000 miles, a complete background and a fresh timing belt and also water pump for ₤ 5950. That’s serious worth. We would have made it our ‘One we found’ selection however, for the reality that the 2.0 T gasoline is the pick of the engines, being smooth and powerful.

Incidentally, relating to the particle filter on the diesels, it needs to give no trouble, due to the fact that it’s put up near to the exhaust manifold, where it obtains wonderful and also hot and also consequently does not block.

Versions of the 9-5 fitted with Saab’s XWD four-wheel drive system had a cutting-edge back shock absorber that was asserted to boost trip and handling (eventually, Saab did fine-tune the standard set up, also). To this, the 2.8 T included GM’s HiPer Strut system at the front to sharpen the handling and improve steering feeling. This version of the 9-5 is extremely uncommon and expensive.

The a lot more powerful models likewise came with magnetically regulated dampers and also a system Saab called DriveSense, providing three settings (Sporting activity, Comfort and also Intelligent) and fine-tuning the throttle as well as steering actions to fundamental conditions. Reviewers rated it, especially in combination with the 2.0 T engine. However, it does bring an additional layer of intricacy to a car whose components supply scenario isn’t the best.

There were 2 trims, called Aero and Vector SE. Aero was one of the most expensive, including natural leather sporting activities seats as well as front lights washing machines. Sat-nav was optional.

For a worry-free life, regardless of which engine, transmission and cut you choose, ensure the vehicle has been serviced frequently by a specialist.

Just how to obtain one in your garage
A professional’s sight – Chris Perrett, Finchley Saab: “We were a Saab dealer, and I’m still a huge fan of the vehicles. The 9-5 went over straight out of the box as well as, despite its GM foundations, really Saab-like: enforcing, risk-free and also comfy. Saab engineers were proud as well as independent. I bear in mind one informing me just how a GM representative had stated he didn’t acknowledge the 9-5’s sat-nav; he was informed they weren’t delighted with it so had actually redesigned it! We still see 9-5s frequently for maintenance. They have their concerns yet are usually reliable. Getting hold of components is ending up being a problem, however individuals at Saab Components strive to obtain us what we need.”

Caveat emptor …

Engine: On high-mileage 2.0-litre diesels, an ominous rattle could be the dual-mass flywheel trembling, triggered by too much end float on the crankshaft. In time, it will create the engine to take. On diesels, ensure a brand-new water pump as well as timing belt were fitted at 60,000 miles. The gas have timing chains and also are normally carefree, although there’s even more to fail on the V6.

Analysis equipment: When selecting an expert workshop, ask which analysis package they have for the 9-5, as some use devices that recognises it as a Vauxhall Insignia. Still, it can talk to around 85% of a 9-5, so it’s better than nothing.

Transmission: A stiff manual shift may be described by a worn pivot on the gear turret. Reengineering specialist X8R can supply a kit to heal it. Workshops advise changing the automatic transmission’s fluid and filters every 30,000 miles.

Suspension as well as brakes: Back springs are prone to damaging and back brake discs can put on prematurely.

Bodywork: Any kind of rust is likely to be repair-related, so check for respraying as well as irregular panel spaces. Examine the LED brake light strip jobs, as substitutes are ultra-rare. The good news is, there are a variety of repair service options to be located online.

Interior: Don’t anticipate the sat-nav to work flawlessly. Check the condition of the head-up display screen (if fitted), since extra screens are scarce. Given the circumstance pertaining to diagnostic kit, be sure no caution lights are brightened.

Additionally worth knowing: Buy a 9-5 and you will appreciate no end of support. There are proprietors’ clubs galore as well as lots of experts (see thesaab-specialist-register). They have years of experience and also know all the workarounds as well as resources of hard-to-get components. Saab Components ( is the exceptional main provider.

How much to spend
₤ 2500-₤ 4999: Great option of diesels, a lot of them manuals, with greater than 100,000 miles however strong solution backgrounds.

₤ 5000-₤ 6999: Tidier, plusher automobiles with full service histories yet mostly still high mileages.

₤ 7000-₤ 9999: Better choice of lower-mileage cars and trucks (regarding 80,000), including even more fuels.

₤ 10,000 AS WELL AS OVER: The most effective start here, the priciest being an unusual 2010 2.8 Aero 4WD vehicle with 85,000 miles up for ₤ 12,990.

One we located – Saab 9-5 2.0 T Aero, 2011, 84,000 miles, ₤ 6495: This privately advertised 9-5 has a complete background and also both secrets. Nonetheless, the proprietor has actually admitted to the clutch pedal really feeling a little high so believes the clutch may be on the escape. We were priced quote ₤ 1028 all in for a substitute, so currently you recognize by how much to chip this car’s price …