Varmints tried to eat our Hyundai Palisade! | Long-Term Update

And it ended up being an expensive and annoying fix

Essentially, our time with our 2021 Hyundai Palisade has actually been going swimmingly. And I ultimately obtained my turn in the three-row SUV a couple of months back. I had a couple of hassle-free weeks, up until one fateful week when I parked it at the airport while on a press trip. When I returned, I discovered the ominous orange check engine light on the electronic tool collection. Assuming it might just be a fluke, I shut down the automobile as well as restarted it a couple times, but the light stayed. Thankfully, the Palisade still appeared to be running penalty, so I sent a note to our ever-diligent Road Test Editor Zac Palmer, and also drove it residence. Thus started a multi-month headache.

When the workweek reactivated, Zac put in a contact us to the local Hyundai dealer to organize an analysis consultation. The soonest they were able to get us in was November 1. We contacted October 1.

So for a full month, we had a vehicle with a strange check engine light. It seemed to run penalty, however out of an abundance of caution, I left the SUV parked in my driveway the whole time. That functioned fine for me, as I have a number of individual vehicles, plus press cars reoccuring. However, for a person depending upon this as their only or key automobile, parking the Palisade for a month is a huge issue.

A month later on, I drove it to the supplier to ultimately get it identified, and it was still running penalty. I dropped off the secrets and headed right into the entrance hall to do my job while the dealer technologies did their own. A hr or 2 later on, one of the service technicians appeared to say that the auto was ready, yet not taken care of. Obviously, something obtained under the hood and munched the wires to the O2 sensing units. Without a doubt, something had had a very good time overcoming the cords, leaving three torn places excellent for setting off the warning light. We have no idea what triggered the damages, or when it took place. Probabilities are, among the seemingly hundreds of squirrels in my community sneaked right into the engine bay and began eating away. On the drive to the airport terminal, the cable scrambled enough to correctly damage the link and trigger the light.

It would certainly not be a punctual or pain-free repair. The supplier had to special-order the new O2 sensor and also cord combos. For those, plus labor, the repair quote mored than $1,000. I wondered if those darn squirrels realized what an elegant supper they would certainly had.

I drove the Palisade house and also consulted Zac. He then commenced determining if we might have the repair work covered by insurance coverage or guarantee. Negative on both. Rubbing salt in the wound, It was another complete month before the parts showed up as well as we can bring the SUV back for fixings, doubling the time that the vehicle was parked, as well as would certainly’ve been twice as aggravating to an owner.

The last fixing bill: $1,198.

There are a couple of things you can do to assist protect against a similar situation with your very own auto. According to Consumer Information, a few of the very best options are to either maintain your automobile in a fully closed garage, or if it is outdoors, ensure you’re relocate on a relatively normal basis. With a few various other lorries, I wasn’t driving the Palisade often and also had it parked in the driveway, which probably gave a furry monster the chance to socialize under the hood. Furthermore, there are sprays and also such that preference poor to pets, most of which are readily available at animal shops as well as are utilized to discourage family pets from chewing on furniture.

Furthermore, you can:

Try to find indicators of bunnies or rats near a parked automobile, such as droppings.
Set traps or lure boxes close by, or hire a pest control operator to assist with that.
If vermin have gotten to the vehicle inside a garage, search for as well as get rid of points of entry.
Inspect to see if Animal Control can aid.
Clean up any garbage or food sources nearby that can draw in pests. That stated, they are frequently attracted to coatings or insulation on the cables themselves.
Search for and eliminate any water resources close by, such as standing water in old tires or containers.
Currently the Palisade is back in our hands and also we’re looking forward to spending some (ideally) trouble-free months with it. Assuming Mother Nature does not send her minions after it again.