Watch: $2-million Rimac has one last off-road dance before being destroyed

This 1,914-hp Nevera was destined for crash testing, so why not take it for a muddy spin on the site of Rimac’s future HQ?

The Rimac Nevera is the present record holder for the fastest speeding up production cars and truck on pavement. However, as this just-released video clip demonstrates, the $2.4-million hyper-EV is also fairly qualified off-road.

The clip shows owner and CEO Companion Rimac flogging the Nevera around the muddy grounds of what is soon to be the site of Rimac Automobili’s brand-new worldwide HQ in Kerestinec, west of the Croatian funding, Zagreb.

This specific device, one of sixteen Nevera models, was made use of for consumer as well as media drives prior to it was allocated for purposeful damage. The Rimac Nevera has actually already completed European crash examinations, but better tests are needed for homologation in the USA. As a result, executive Companion Rimac chose to have one last joyride before the blue model Nevera met its fate in a series of frontal and offside barrier crash examinations.

Friend sends out the Nevera spinning through leaf-strewn paths and roadways covered with crusted mud. He after that goes to the proposed Rimac HQ building website, where he really displays the Nevera’s prowess at executing skids, mud slides, and donuts with some aplomb.

Afterwards, the Nevera is given an extensive laundry to do away with all the brown gunk and dead fallen leaves before being sent out to its ruin, fairly literally.

The manufacturing run for the 1,914-hp Nevera is capped at 150 units, with the very first distribution expected to begin before the year goes out. Now we wonder if one of those lucky consumers will be bold adequate to take the Nevera for a drive over unequal surfaces, too. At least, there’s video proof that it can be loads of fun in skilled hands.