Watch a Ferrari Enzo go rallying

A few weeks earlier, James as well as his rally friend Kris Meeke took a Bentley Continental GT Speed rallying.

A ₤ 150,000+, ‘two plus two’ grand touring coupé getting exceptionally sidewards as well as air-borne while being absolutely caned around Wales was purely for your enjoyment. However maybe more than that. After seeing this video clip on televisions of You, there could be prospective for a super special, really costly rally series.

Click play to see something you have actually never ever seen before. It’s a 650bhp, blimmin’ expensive and also blimmin’ rare Ferrari Enzo rallying around a farmer’s area. The guys behind it coincide individuals that developed the viral Rolls Royce Phantom drifting/ploughing video clip. And also ever since they’ve elevated the stakes. However, we’ve seen what happens when reduced rubbing is contributed to a Ferrari Enzo … as well as it adds up to tears – so beware lads.

So what other supercar would like to see obtain a bit mucky and also sidewards, dot commers?