Watch The World’s First Bugatti Chiron Dyno Test

Actually measuring a supercar’s horsepower is trickier than you’d think

If you’re reading this website, you’re most likely acquainted with the Bugatti Chiron. It’s the ultra-powerful, ultra-expensive, top-shelf Bugatti– as well as one of the last of its kind, before the firm combined with EV maker Rimac. Yet what many people do not know are truth horse power and also torque figured for the car. Certain, Bugatti has launched numbers, but those are just for advertising and marketing, right? What does the real car, in the real life, in fact make?

The Good News Is, Cannonball Garage in Illinois obtained a bit sick of its very own inquisitiveness as well as made a decision to respond to the inquiry. With a Chiron in hand and also a dyno bay at its disposal, the luxury tuner store started on the path of really measuring Bugatti’s beast.

As Cannonball Garage figured out, however, there’s a bit more to dyno evaluating a Chiron than simply strapping it down and also mashing the gas. The Drive spoke with Arne Toman, Cannonball document owner as well as Cannonball Garage owner, and also learned several of the problems at the same time:

” What we discovered was perhaps the world’s largest single-piece undertray under this cars and truck,” Cannonball Garage owner Arne Toman informed The Drive. “We kinda sketched it out in the beginning as well as assumed ‘divine cow!'” Toman estimated it to be two-thirds of the length of the automobile.

” We just began very carefully taking apart things,” he continued. “After looking around, we saw it had solid control arms. We called our customer and also told them we could band it down as well as dyno it.”

Even after the undertray was eliminated, the automobile needed to fit onto the rollers themselves. Which it did– barely. “We had to line it up so flawlessly since the rollers on the dyno are 81 inches vast– the [Chiron] is 80 inches vast … It was a cautious procedure to see to it we can dyno this point securely. Whatever was taken very gradually and very carefully, greater than typical.”.

The result, after all that job? 1369 horsepower and 1163 lb-ft of torque, coming at 6,620 and also 5,060 RPM specifically. Looks like those numbers from Bugatti were’ t just for show– if anything, the business was ignoring just how powerful the Chiron truly is.