Yikes! It’s a Lamborghini Aventador in Diablo purple

Oh my word. This is a Lamborghini Aventador SV in Viola, and we ‘d excuse you if you need to have a little take a seat. It’s fairly a point, isn’t it?

Viola is an essential colour in Lambo history, naturally. Nip back a couple of years and also among the Aventador’s boldest ancestors– the almighty Diablo– was painted this really colour. This is Lambo’s not-particularly-retro tackle retro, and we like it.

That certain Diablo was an SE30, a rear-drive, 523bhp variation of the somewhat demonic Diablo. Its efficiency figures– 0-60mph in 4.0 secs, 210mph full throttle– might not look specifically astonishing nowadays. Yet you’ll be aiming for them with a substantial hand-operated gearchange and without any expensive motorist aids. All the best, basically …

The Aventador’s stats are clearly from a various age. Like the Diablo SE30, it utilizes a naturally aspirated V12, but this produces 740bhp. Pushed with all four wheels using a paddleshift transmission and lots of clever systems, it attains 0-60mph in 2.8 secs on its way towards (then possibly past) 217mph.

We have actually got a less complex, as well as perhaps more pressing comparison for you, though. Scroll the pictures above as well as inform us– which wears Viola far better?

By the way, if your response is ‘Aventador’, you can purchase this one from Lamborghini Montreal for a simple ₤ 470,000 …