You absolutely must see the interior of this Mansory G-Wagen

This is the Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 P900 Scandal Sheet UAE, and the inside has to be seen to be thought.

No seriously, flick with those photos over. Seen it? We’ll provide you a minute to clean up the projectile vomit …

Really is quite take on, isn’t it? The Special Edition was developed to celebrate the United Arab Emirates’ 50th year in 2021, although we’re not quite certain why that requires LA Lakers-style purple as well as yellow trim. At least it discusses all the needlework.

The gold-flecked steering wheel resembles nothing we’ve ever before seen before, and also the outside is a hot mess of black, purple as well as Mansory’s preferred marbled carbon. Oh, and the G63’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is now putting out 900bhp as well as 885lb feet of torque. Because of program it is.