You can buy Mario Andretti’s Lamborghini Countach

Now is your chance to own an icon that’s been driven by an icon

Mario Andretti is a tale in the motorsport society. In the world of supercars, the Lamborghini Countach is a tale. So– using straightforward Top Equipment Maths– this Lamborghini Countach formally had by Mario Andretti need to be a legend made even. As well as now it can be your own.

As you possibly popular, Mario Andretti is a Formula 1 World Champion, NASCAR Daytona 500 victor, Le Mans 24-hour champion, and also Indianapolis 500 winner. However he’s also a Lambo fan. When he wasn’t whooshing around circuits gathering cutlery, he was blatting around town in among his lots of Lamborghinis. For many years, Mario has actually possessed: a 1989 Wedding anniversary Countach, a 1991 Diablo, a Murcielago, an Aventador, and also this sensational 1984 Countach which is currently increasing to buy.

It’s the later 5000S version of the famous wedgy swelling first scene in the Seventies– so has a 5.0-litre longitudinally placed V12 great for 371bhp and also 180mph if you’re endure enough. But being a very early carbureted Countach, it’s obtained a richer, more natural soundtrack than later fuel-injected variations that mosted likely to the US. It’s also completed in the correct palette: red with tan. But this one has a special touch as the original paint is complimented with a special pinstripe integrating Mario Andretti’s logo. His logo likewise decorates the tops of the wing mirrors.

Recently provided a full mechanical refurb, this Countach is obviously in great form as well as features the original device set, including gloves and the stunningly named Thor hammer. Currently, there may be 321 Lambo 5000S’ worldwide, but just one of those was had by Mario Andretti. This one. As well as if you’ve got ₤ 400k, it can be yours. Attracted?